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The credit union was established in 1937 and has since been located in the Roberts Dairy location in Omaha.  We have been serving Roberts Dairy Employees and their families for over 80 years now. The credit union is one of the few smaller credit union’s left and we pride ourselves on our customer service and the relationships we build with each of our members.


Board of Directors and Employees

Emily Briggs- Emily is the current Manager of the credit union and is also the Secretary/Treasurer on the Board of Directors. Emily started working at the credit union in October of 2012 and has been working in the financial industry since 2005. Emily enjoys camping, crafting, gardening, and spending time with her family. 
Helen Grzebielski- Helen is the current President of the board and has been involved with the credit union and the board of directors since 2004. Helen enjoys baking, gardening and for the last few years retirement.
Richard "Dick" Dimon- Dick is a current board member and has served on the Board of Directors in the past. He started working at the Dairy in 1975 and started off in maintenance and is now the EHS manager. In Dick's free time he enjoy's piloting small planes and spending time with his children and his grandchildren. 
Reggie Starks- Reggie is a current board member and past board president. He has been involved with the credit union for at least 17 years as a board member. He is currently the Cooler Manager at Hiland Dairy in Omaha. In his free time Reggie enjoys shopping, hanging out with new and old friends, and spending money on his grand kids.
Ellie Morley- Ellie is a current board member who was recently elected in April 2019. Prior to being a board member she also served on the Supervisory committee for the credit union. Ellie is currently employed at Hiland Dairy and works both in the accounting department as well as helping with book keeping in the garage. Ellie enjoys volunteering in her church and spending time with family. 
Pat Bodnar- Pat is a current board member and also a part of the sales department at Hiland Dairy. In his free time Pat enjoys gardening and cooking.
Frank Roehr- Frank is a current board member and has been a credit union member since 1984. Frank is currently the garage manager at Hiland Dairy in Omaha. In his free time he likes to go camping and fishing.

Sarah Bazer-  Sarah is the assistant office manager at the credit union as of April 2018. Sarah has worked in the financial industry since 2013. She was married in June of 2017. In her free time Sarah enjoys cross-stitching, reading, and spending time with her husband and family.

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