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The Roberts Dairy Employees Federal Credit Union offers a variety of services to help its customers reach their immediate and long-term financial goals.



Savings, Checking & Retirement Accounts

- Share Savings (primary membership account)
- Christmas Club Savings (used to save for Christmas & a check will automatically be mailed to you on November first of every year)
- Vacation (savings account used to save up for vacations/trips you are planning)
- Checking (Checking account used for everyday transactions. Also comes with a free debit card and check ordering services)
- Traditional & Roth IRA (Retirement savings accounts that you can add to each year until you reach certain age requirements)
* Offer competitive dividends and interest rates!
* NCUA Federally insured savings up to $250,000.



- Signature (personal loan for any amount up to $10,000

-Auto (no vehicle age requirements, we can lend up to blue book value of the vehicle)
- Motorcycle (Can lend up to blue book value of motorcycle)
- Other Secured Loans (includes ATV’s, snowmobiles, boats, motors & trailers)
- Share Pledge Loans (loans that are secured by money that is already in your share account. Max term is 48 months)
- Debt Consolidation Loans (Consolidate your bills into one loan. Max term is 5 years)
- Camper Loans ( Any type of camper. We will lend up to NADA retail value. Max term is 10 years)
* Competitive loan rates


Credit Cards

No Annual Fees! Contact the Credit Union for more details.

credit cards starting out at 9.99%*

Other Membership Services

- 24/hour telephone account access (If the Credit Union is closed you have the option of calling our 800 number to find out your current balances in your accounts)
-  GreenPath Member Financial Management ( A free program offered to all our members. Program offers free Financial Counseling, Budget Counseling, Debt Management Plan, Housing Counseling, Credit Report Review, Budget Smart, CheckRight)
- Notary Services Available
- Payroll Deductions available to Hiland Dairy Employees

- Centennial Lending - Mortgage Provider

-Online and Mobile Banking




Share Certificates

-1 year, 2 year, or 3 year terms

-Earn a higher rate of return on the funds in your account by depositing into a share certificate.

Electronic Deposits/Transfers

-ACH transfers through online banking using routing and account number. This can be used to transfer money in or out of the credit union. Takes 1-2 business days to post to your account (Free service)

-Deposits/transfers by phone using card number ($5 convenience fee per transaction)


Discounted Tickets

-The credit union offers a variety of discounted Tickets to our membership. 


-Worlds of Fun:  CompanyCode:WOFROBER

-Many other options available at 

  • Theme Parks

  • Hotels and rental cars

  • Attractions, Shows, Sporting Events, and Concerts

  • Health & Wellness

  • Work From Home Essentials

  • Streaming Services: Disney+, Showtime and more

  • Sam’s Club Memberships – over 40% off

  • Education & Enrichment: Language Learning, Audiobooks and more

  • Home Office: Electronics, Laptops and more

  • Insurance, Home Security and Protection Services

  • Food & Wine

  • Online Shopping

  • Financial Services

  • Pet Supplies

  • And so much more!

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